Hungarian Game Technology


Server based online multigame system

The aim of the system

Our VLT multigames are powered with a server based gaming software. Works on a regular PC board with an X10 I/O board for control the pheriperials like the dedicated pushbuttons, j/p and audit keys, coin and billacceptor, hopper, ticket printer, touchscreen. VLT system requires a continious DSL internet connection via a local router.

To manage the VLT system terminals we provide a web based backoffice administration surface. The registered user is able to set or check the settings, manage key in and clear credits, control bookkeepings and other statistics even real-time depend the preset rights. There are four jurisdiction levels: owner, agent , supervisor , cashier

Operational overview

NetGuard schematic

This system gives higher flexibility and rapidity to the operation in order to avoid different kind of errors and unnecessary costs.

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Strengths of the system

Lower cost

  • Faster operation
  • Online monitoring
  • Avoid manipulations
  • Optimalize resources

Higher security

  • Exclusive account from the administrator
  • Option for online forbidding
  • Continous data controll