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Multi-Level Progressive Jackpot

Four-Level Jackpot

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We offer the Multi-Level Progressive Jackpot system for the software games developed by our company. This product realizes the contact between the client machines on a common jackpot display. Client machines in an arcade connect to the Multi-level jackpot, which shows the current values on its display.

Multi-Level Progressive Jackpot

Machines connected to the system increase the value of the jackpots after every game played, offering this way a much higher jackpot value to the players. If a jackpot win occurs on one of the machines, its value will be paid out on the given machine while the appropriate jackpot level value will be set to the base value.

The four jackpot levels are: the lead is the lowest, bronze, silver and the highest win is the gold jackpot level. All the four jackpots increase proportionally with the bets made on the client machines.